Blogging 201 – Day One

For those who wonder, I am engaged in the Blogging 201 Class organized by The Daily Post.
This is a 14-days challenge that is supposed to help me develop my blogging-self. As I want to finally do something more with this blog than just share a few thoughts with my closest friends, I think this is going to help me a lot.

As our first assignment, we are asked to define three goals for our blog.

Mine are quite simple :

Post at least once a week, max three times a week, about the subjects/themes I defined in my editorial/categories (BTW, I realize that I need to modify my categories for them to be more accurate with what I really want to write about.)

I have been the least consistent blogger of all times, and I am still. I love writing but I also love procrastinating. I need to work on that. I also need to work harder to define my UVP and this is also in the pipe, I promise I’ll do it tomorrow…!

Gain followers/readers : Right now, I have 5 followers. Three of them arrived just a few days ago when I started to participate in the Daily Post Challenges. Before that, even with more than 300 followers on Twitter that were aware of my posts, I had just two (but they are the best !). This made me realize the importance of branding my blog. I think that now, I finally want people to read me. To this day, writing on this blog has been mainly a way to « evacuate ». From now on, I want it to be used to communicate.

So I am going to make an pledge with my future self : by the end of the year, you’re gonna have at least 50 persons who follow your blog and who are happy to read and comment your post on a regular basis.The more people come and read and enjoy themselves, the better !

Gonna have to work on your promotion, Leeloo, and stop being low-confident about your writings. (Yes, I talk to myself at the third person sometimes. BUT I AM NOT CRAZY !)

– Being able to promote myself professionally with the blog.

This blog has been there for over a year now, maybe more, and before that, I’ve had something like 5 blogs (not simultaneously). I love to write. This is my job (I used to be a journalist and a press editor), and I want to keep working in this field. I mean, I can’t do almost anything else ! To be honest, I can do a lot of things, but writing is the one I do the best. I have what I think is a unique style, I tend to think that I am funny (sometimes) and creative (a little bit) and these are qualities that can surely be useful for a company.

Now, from this day on, I want this blog to be my writing portfolio. I want to show the world what I can do, without being ashamed of what I wrote on a gloomy day or the stupid jokes I made on one day I was feeling silly. I need to be more confident (feels like I said it before…) and more consistent.

Confidence and consistency.

I’ve got a lot on my plate.

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