Blogging 201 – Day Five

As this blog is quite young (one year old, it’s a baby, it’s still crawling and burping milk everywhere !) and as I was not really consistent with it before I started Blogging 201, I believe my stats are gonna evolve after the challenge and that I’m going to need to adapt my schedule as well.

Anyway, what I’ve learned is that :

Top Articles :

The most appreciated topics are the ones related with the WordPress community (Daily Prompts and 201), the ones related to the « Philosophie de Comptoir » category, the ones in the « Musique » category and the ones about parenting in the « Mioche, marmaille, couches et vomito » category. I used to have a lot of viewers on my « Travail & Co » category, but these are posts that were related to the life in my previous workplace and I am not going to write about it anymore. I got fired a few months ago (not because of them !) and untill I find a new job, I have no job-related adventures to tell. I just keep the posts as archives for the moment.

Basically, my readers like to read me when I talk about my son’s vomit (I can understand that, MiniPouss’ vomit looks like a rainbow), about the bands I interview or review (I have awesome musical tastes, I can understand that as well), when I participate in writing challenges (which is great because I need to write on imposed topics or in different styles to improve) and when I express my thoughts by letting my mind ramble about anyhting and everything. I should mix this all together to make the greatest post of all times but I’m afraid it’s going to divide by zero and anihilate the Internet or something. Too much awesomeness in one post is dangerous. With great power comes great responsability, you know…

gif IT Crowd Google into Google breaks the internet

To return on the subject, this is good to know because I wasn’t gonna write more than that about music. I just wanted to share the reviews I make for the webradio I joined a few months ago. But it gives me ideas, and I think I am going to post more about albums, bands or songs that I like, than I wanted to at first.

Traffic :

The days the traffic is the most important are Mondays, Tuesdays, Thrusdays and Fridays. Yep, almost every day of the week, but with more visits on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

As I decided to post more often and more regularly, three times a week maximum, I guess I’ll concentrate on those days but Tuesdays and Thursdays will be my regular/weekly post days.

If I had to make a draft of an editorial calendar right now, I couldn’t. Really. I am so not like that when it comes to my blog. At work, I am the most uptight, planning-psycho, list-maker, but for me, not a chance ! I need time to think about it, and define something I’ll be able to do correctly, properly and consistently. And that I’ll be able to do with pleasure, not forcing myself, to disgust.

Right now, I am thinking about posting three times a week but I can’t make my mind to chose a topic for a day. Like Music Monday or Vomit Friday

But I guess by the end of the challenge, I’ll have it all figured out and you all will be amazed by the greatness of my editorial calendar !


PS : You may have notice some new things in my menu bar. I have been playing with Menus today and decided I’ll add a « Working girl » page, leading to some Portfolio posts. I discovered WP allows to do stuff like that. Don’t know exactly how it works yet, but I’m working on it ! 

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